Item No.:E-TR014
Item Name:Trolley shopping bag with 6 wheelers
Material:Jacquard + steel tube or aluminum tube
Size:Bag size : L36*W20*H52CM Trolley size : H 93*W 43*W 26 Wheel diameter : 9cm


1、6 wheeler tilts back and with minimal effort, glides along the street with style.

2、6wheeler can be easily converted to a 3-wheeler with the ease of a push

3、Comfort:?Offers the best comfort for your back and shoulders

4、Convertible: Allows the trolley to convert from 4 wheels to 2 wheels with one movement

5、Obstacle free: The two-wheeled position provides total comfort when going up and down steps or negotiating obstacles

6、Minumum space folded: Once folded, takes up minimum space and stands by itself.