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Cat Leash, Cat Leash, Cat Nylon I-leash, Chest Strap, Cat Chain Leash

Cat Leash, Cat Leash, Cat Nylon I-leash, Chest Strap, Cat Chain Leash

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[Name]: Comfort! Cat chest strap


[Material]: cotton fiber


[Solid color traction specification]: suitable for (26cm inner neck circumference), (33cm inner chest circumference) use & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The rope width is 1CM, and the length of traction rope is 125CM


【Patterned traction specifications】The length of the tow rope is 1.2 meters


The minimum circumference is 18cm and the maximum circumference is 30cm


Chest Circle : Minimum circumference 22cm Maximum circumference 36cm

  • The traction chest strap specially designed for cats has a large adjustment range and is suitable for all cats;

  • I-shaped design and soft nylon material make it safer and more comfortable to wear;

  • Please wear the chest harness correctly as shown, with one head over the neck and the other head fixed on the chest

  • Use reminder:
    • Due to the special nature of cats, they may refuse to wear them. Please try them at home for several times to let the cats adapt to wear them;

    • When wearing it for the first time, please try to take the cat in a secluded place to let the cat adapt to the external environment;

    • When the cat is used to wearing the chest strap for outdoor activities, the telescopic traction belt can be used to increase the cat's range of activity;

    • When going out with a cat bag, it is recommended to also wear a chest strap, which is attached to the hook inside the bag for added safety

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