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Go out bag replacement portable windproof single shoulder outside bag cross-body pet bag

Go out bag replacement portable windproof single shoulder outside bag cross-body pet bag

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[Product name/Name]: Transparent pet barand/Brand]: neutral product, no logo

【Size/Size】:S:19.5*13*14cm M:25*14*18cm L:31.5*15.5*20cm

[Fabric/Material]: 300D cationic fabric+pvc

[Color]: pink

[Packaging]: Conventional PE bag packaging

[Weight/Height]:S:0.18kg M:0.24kg L:0.29kg

【Single package size/Size】:

【Carton size/CTN Size】:

 (Not all products can be compressed. Consult customer service for details)

【Custom Quotation】:Minimum order quantity:200item(customized processed products do not support seven-day unreasonable return)

  Information about customized products(Fabric, size, barcode label, packaging requirementsEtc.), please see this customized link:















1, Picture color difference

  & nbsp; Our shop is shot in real objects. The color is the closest to the real object after professional proofreading. Due to personal understanding of the color and the color difference of the display, it may be normal to have differences and similarities with the real object, which is not color difference. The color is subject to the real object. We will not refund the freight for any return or exchange of goods due to color difference.


Two. Shipping time

  & nbsp; Orders placed and paid before 4:00 from Monday to Friday are generally shipped on the same day. Orders paid after 4:00 are shipped the next day. In case of special circumstances, they will be postponed. The goods will not be delivered on Sunday because of the rest of the company, and will be delivered on Monday; In case of holidays, the specific delivery time will be notified on the front page of the store before the holiday.


3, Express service

  & nbsp; Our store defaults to Yunda Express and Shentong Express, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan default to Shunfeng Express, which can deliver logistics in large quantities. Message delivery is not supported. We will try to choose the delivery company that can be reached. Customers who want to send other express delivery should contact customer service first. Buyers who need to send SF Express urgently should contact customer service first to make up the difference. Large quantities of orders can also be sent to Anneng or Deppon Logistics, but the buyer has to go to the logistics company to pick up the goods. Please choose carefully. After the express delivery is successful, the speed of logistics is beyond our control. Please understand not to give us negative comments on the basis of logistics.


Four. Sign-off issues

  & nbsp; Please open the package and check the goods before signing for acceptance, and confirm that the goods are in good condition and the quantity is accurate before signing for acceptance. If the courier requires to sign before inspecting the goods, it is necessary to check whether the package appearance is damaged, confirm that the outer package of the goods is intact, and then sign. If there is any damage, please reject it. Don't give the signed list to the courier. Take it and check the goods in front of the courier. Only after confirming that there is no problem with the goods can it be given to the courier. Otherwise, if there is a problem, the courier will not bear the loss.


Five. Return and exchange issues

    We support 7-day return for no reason, and return for quality problems that are not our responsibility. Buyers must bear the return freight, and the return freight caused by the quality problems of goods and our responsibility will be borne by our store. Our store refuses to accept paid, self-picked, SF and postal parcels. Our store is responsible for the return of goods. Buyers should pay the freight first, and we will refund the freight you paid through Alipay after receiving the return. Please understand that we will not return or exchange the goods that have been used and affected the secondary sales!










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