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New PU Lingge Portable Cosmetic Storage Bag Travel Wash Bag PVC Double-layer Cosmetic Bag

New PU Lingge Portable Cosmetic Storage Bag Travel Wash Bag PVC Double-layer Cosmetic Bag

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In 2021, the new cosmetic bag, the source factory, supports customization!

Product name: Lingge portable cosmetic bag

Product material: PU+PVC

Product size: 23 * 19 * 15.5CM

Qty: 100PCS


















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All products can be produced according to the minimum batch size online; Mixed batch is supported. The amount of mixed batch is more than 100 yuan, and the quantity is unlimited; It supports two types of transactions: Alipay and bank direct payment.

We write the weight of each product, take the order, the system automatically calculates the weight, the freight is automatically generated according to the weight, and the generated freight is the cost of sending the express. If needed

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