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petNew Products Manufacturers Dog Pet Leakage Ball Toys Fun Round Ball Interactive Leakage Ball Toys Dual-use Pet Toys

petNew Products Manufacturers Dog Pet Leakage Ball Toys Fun Round Ball Interactive Leakage Ball Toys Dual-use Pet Toys

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1. Wholesale instructions

1. The company's products support mixed batch, so that your variety is rich, and the funds will not be overstocked, and the business will be easier to do

2. Wholesale conditions: full delivery in 200 yuan.

3. If the product has multiple styles or colors, we will distribute them evenly when shipping, and try to give you the most popular styles!

4. Rules for taking samples: Take samples at twice the wholesale price and refund the difference next time.


 2, Transportation instructions

1.There are three modes of delivery: brand logistics. Ordinary consignment. express .

 2.All product quotations do not include postage, freight and taxes (freight needs to be paid by customers themselves).In order to save freight costs and speed up transportation, Yiwu Logistics Motors generally uses logistics and trucks to deliver goods in cities accessible by Logistics Trucks. Also support Jiaji, Debang, Huayu logistics (if you have your own designated logistics, we can send it to you).  

  3. Delivery time: Due to the large quantity of wholesale, we need to place the order in the warehouse first, and then arrange the distribution, packaging, and wooden frame. We usually deliver the goods within 72 hours, so please don't worry, or order in advance. Thank you for your understanding.


 3. After-sales service

 & nbsp; Please read the company's wholesale instructions, after-sales service, payment method and transportation instructions carefully before shopping, so that both parties can better communicate and cooperate..
1. The attached product pictures are for reference only. Some configurations, colors, styles, etc. of the products are subject to change without further notice due to updating or improving the quality of the products. Orders are subject to the physical objects.

2. About the problem product handling?
    The company is responsible for the products sold. We will strive to do a good job in product inspection and verification, and we will strive to do well in product packaging, and will try to find reputable logistics companies to cooperate and communicate well to ensure the safe arrival of goods. Ensure that goods arrive safely. In case of 1. Product small defects, degumming and other problems, we will solve them with you through good communication and after-sales negotiation. 2. If you need accessories, reissue them when you take the goods next time. If the product is returned, the shipping fee shall be borne by the buyer. Adhering to the principle of mutual benefit, I believe that the company will work hard for your trust. Because when you choose suppliers, we are also choosing customers, we only want to choose long-term cooperation with customers to develop together.
      Since it is wholesale, the quantity of goods delivered is extremely large, it is impossible to check whether there will be minor defects in every one. Possible problems include wrong product delivery, product quality problems, damaged packaging, transportation crush, and minor defects in the product.

  3. If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact your customer service. For you to better deal with after-sales service

 4. If we deliver the goods in time, we will not bear the relevant responsibilities and compensation due to the delay in delivery time or other losses caused by the freight company.  

 5. The customer receives the goods4skyThe core of the quantity and quality of goods, if there are problems, timely feedback to after-sales customer service for handling. If there is no objection within 4 days of arrival, it is deemed that there is no problem with this cooperation and the transaction is completed. Subjective dissatisfaction, based on the reason of imagination, there is no actual quality problem return, will not be accepted. Carefully check the packaging before shipment, 

  6. Before returning goods, please communicate with our customer service to confirm the product category and quantity. If you return goods directly without any notice, we will not handle it. The returned products shall retain the original packaging and bear the risk of damage. If the returned products are damaged, we will not refund.

 7. Please do not return the goods that are not the company, so as to cause inconvenience when returning them to you.  


IV. Payment Methods

1. Direct bank remittance
2. Alipay payment;


5, Company contact information

Alibaba Account Number: Miaodi Pet Products

Welcome to purchase

Welcome to purchase


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